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Our dear investors,
Under the current unfortunate conditions that our country is going through in terms of COVID situation, and with accordance to the decisions of the Palestinian government, kindly click here to submit any enquiry or applications. Face-to-face reporting of any questions or complaints will be eliminated to maintain your safety.

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Name Contact Name Email Address Address City
Kuttab Khouri Law Office Kuttab and Khouri jkuttab@alqudsnet.com, sanikhouri@hotmail.com P.O.Box:19543, Abu Obeideh 2, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Arab Bank Jamal Horani arabbank@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1476, Al-Harjeh building, Ramallah Ramallah
Union Bank for Saving & Investment Shuruq Ismail Saleh ubsi@p-ol.com P.O.Box:1557, Ramallah Ramallah
Egyptian Arab Land Bank Public Relation Department info@ealb-pal.com P.O.Box: 565, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestine Islamic Bank Ali H. El-Zammar PIB@P-I-S.com P.O.Box:1244, Gaza, Al Rimal Gaza
Cairo Amman Bank-Islamic Branch Sulaiman M. Nemr P.O.Box: 664, Hebron Hebron
Bank of Palestine Ltd. Amer A. Shaat info@bank of palestine.com P.O Box: 50 , Gaza Gaza
Palestine International Bank Usama M. Khader pib@pib.palnet.com P.O.Box : 3636, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Quds Bank for Development & Investment Mohammad Salman qudsbkhq@palnet.com P.O.Box: 2471, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestinian Food Industries Association Ayman Abu Zarour pfia@palnet.com Al-Bireh Ramallah
Commercial Bank of Palestine Sabieh Khalili skhalil@cbpal.com P.O.Box :1799, Ramallah Ramallah
Arab Islamic Bank Jamal Tawabreh aib@aibnk.com P.O.Box: 631, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Cairo Amman Bank Mahmoud Takruri mtakruri@cabank-pal.com P.O.Box :1870, Ramallah Ramallah
HSBC Bank Middle East Issa Kassis hsbcrml@palnet.com P.O.Box: 2067, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Rayyan company Naiem Attoun rayyan@palnet.com P.O.Box: 172, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Arz Ice-Cream Factory Hatem Anabtawi alarz@abrz.com P.O.Box:20, Nablus Nablus
Al-Sanable Food Products Company Belal El-Rajabe husam2002uk@yahoo.com.uk Nablus Nablus
Al-Awda Factory Mohammed Telbani awda@palnet.com Gaza Deir El-Balah
Salwa Food Company Taher Dwayyat salwa@palnet.com P.O.Box: 172, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestine Poultry Company Ltd. Bassam Walweel ppc@zaytona.com P.O.Box:1835, Nablus Nablus
Petra Co for Food & Investment Hmaidan Abu Kharsheek P.O.Box: 376, Hebron Hebron
Anabtawi Group Ziad Anabtawi info@anabtawigroup.com P.O.Box: 313, Nablus Nablus
Badran Group Investment Company Bassam Badran badrangroup@yahoo.com P.O.Box 177, Tulkarm Tulkarm
Badran Textile Company Abdallah Badran P.O.Box: 182, Tulkarm Tulkarm
Amin National Manufacturing Company Omar Amin amin@auturein.net P.O.Box: 256, Ramallah Ramallah
Savannah Apparel Ma'am Amro maanamro@hotmail.com Hebron Hebron
Arja Textile Company Khaled Al-Arja info@arja-textile.com P.O.Box: 105, Beit Jala Beit Jala
Al-Noor Fashion Mahmoud Hamdan al_noorfashion@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 218, Tulkarm Tulkarm
Salee Company Ali Khalil Awad P.O.Box: 286, Tulkarm Tulkarm
Al-Attabi Ltd. Imad Bali attabi@palnet.com P.O.Box: 19269, East Jerusalem East Jerusalem
Geotechnical and Material Testing Mahmoud Abdallah gmt@palnet.com Radio St, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Dar General Contracting Company Azzam Dakkak azzamos@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 959, Al-Maahed St, Ramallah Ramallah
Husseini & Dajani Hiba Husseini hh@palnet.com Irsal St, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Zuabi Law Office Haytham Al-Zuabi hzuabi@palnet.com P.O.Box:75, Gharanteh St , Nablus Nablus
Midmac Construction Company Anwar Ahmad A-Badawi midmac@palnet.com Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Tarifi Group Company Mustafa Al-Tarifi tarifi@palnet.com P.O.Box: 832, Ramallah Ramallah
All Control Company Ltd Tareq Ghosheh acc@palnet.com P.O.Box: 22103, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Brothers Engineers for Contracting Mohammed Muder beco@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 3633, Al-Irsal St, Ramallah Ramallah
United Engineering Group LTD Walid Aker ueg@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1696, Ramallah Ramallah
Engineering Technicians Company Hasan Zabin etc@p-ol.com P.O.Box: 2164, Ramallah Ramallah
Petra Mimar - Consulting Engineers Salameh Mukarkar uhs-pmpm@palnet.com P.O.Box: 247, Beit Jala Beit Jala
National Office for Engineering & Reconstruction Loaie Mossleh lmossleh@yahoo.com Essalam Bldg., O. Elmukhtar St., Gaza Gaza
Home Engineering Abed Bseiso homeco@palnet.com P.O.Box :1143, Remal, Gaza Gaza
Al-Faihaa' Engineering Office Manar Nader Khundaqji alfaihaa@hotmail.com P.O.Box :1027, Gaza Gaza
Palestine Advertising Society Kamal Abu Nada Ramallah Ramallah
Palestinian Information Technology Association (PITA) Mashhour Abudaka info-@pita-palestine.org P.O.Box :2460, Suite 302, Shalash Building., Irsal St, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestinian Association of Management Consulting Nael Shbaro Mustashar@hotmail.com P.O.Box :2375, Ramallah Ramallah
Union of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Majed Nazzal info@uppm.org P.O.Box: 574, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestinian Businessmen Association Majed Mustafa Ma'ali palba@palnet.com P.O.Box :1681, Ramallah Al-Ram
Union Leather Industry Jibreel El-Natsheh P.O.Box:41, Hebron Hebron
Palestinian Federation of Industries Odeh S. Al-Zaghmouri pfi@palnet.com P.O.Box: 574, Ramallah Ramallah
General Union of Radio & TV. Private Stations Samir Qumsieh mahedtv@palnet.com P.O.Box: 642, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Metal Industry & Engineering union Kamal Hassouneh P.O.Box :9, Hebron Hebron
Palestinian Contractor Union Daoud Al-Zeer unionpcu@p-d.com P.O.Box: 4154, Al-Bireh Ramallah
Traditional Industries Association in Palestine Nader Tamimi nader@tamimics.com P.O.Box: 83, Hebron Hebron
Palestinian Automobile Club Fathi Zeidan fathizeidan@yahoo.com P.O.Box :1889, Ramallah Ramallah
Paper and Carton Association Hassan Al-Higgawi P.O.Box:1320, Nablus Nablus
Madi & Partners Consulting Engineers Salama Saleh salame-eng@hotmail.com P.O.Box :1288, Ramallah Ramallah
Arab Center for Engineering Studies Emad Sharif aces-pal@palnet.com P.O.Box:1970, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Center for Engineering and Planning (CEP) Rami S. Abdulhadi cep-ramallah@cep-palestine.com P.O.Box :301, Ramallah Al-Bireh
Arabesque, Architects and Engineers Hashem Abu Lafi arabesque@jrol.com P.O.Box: 51241, Beit Hanina, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Arabtech Jardaneh hassan Abu Shalbak ajp@panet.com P.O.Box :722, Ramallah Ramallah
Madar Consulting Engineers Hatem Juma'a madar@hally.net P.O.Box: 3559, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Universal Group for Engineering and Consulting Imad A. Kanaan 9dmin@ug-maalem.com P.O.Box:445, Nablus Nablus
Gaza Ahliea Co. Ltd. Mohammed Sabawi gaicnet@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1214, Al-Jalaa Tower-Remal Gaza Gaza
Firas Insurance Office Rita S.Matar rmt7042hotmail.com P.O.Box: 866, Bethlehem Bethlehem
A.F. & R. Shehadeh Law Office Raja Shehadeh 911law@palnet.com P.O.Box :74, Ramallah Ramallah
Mazen Awad Advocate Office Mazen Awad P.O.Box :962, Hebron Hebron
Ziadeh Law Office Maurice Ziadeh P.O.Box: 907, Ramallah Ramallah
Khalil Ansara and Associates khalil Ansara ansara@palnet.com P.O.Box : 1788, Ramallah Ramallah
Jerzeem Trading & Contracting Ltd. Mohhamad Kamal jerzeem@hotmail.com P.O.Box: 1526, Nablus Nablus
Aman Group Anwar El-Taweel info@yahoo.com Gaza Gaza
Al-Worood Shoe Manufacturing Faris Abu Rajab P.O Box: 654, Hebron Hebron
Tossetti Shoes Company Ltd Farahat Syaj tossetti@hebronet.com P.O.Box: 278, Al-Salam St., Hebron Hebron
Reem Sport Shoes Company Jibreel Musa Natsheh P.O.Box: 41, Hebron Hebron
National Leather Company Walid S. Kh. Al-Zatari P.O.Box: 318, Hebron Hebron
Al-Nesser Bags Factory Maso'd Al-Aghbar &Fayez Aqad P.O.Box: 969, Nablus Nablus
Malhis Company Mr. Malhis P.O.Box: 74, Wadi-Tuffah, Nablus Nablus
Al-Yassini Furniture Company Mahmoud Al-Yassini P.O.Box: 285, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Baby Line Company LTD Sharbel Handal babyline@palnet.com P.O.Box: 406, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Maayeh Manufacturing Company Mazen Maayeh maayehco@palnet.com P.O.Box: 221, Ramallah Ramallah
Dajani Company for Furniture Hussein Abdel Aziz Palestine St, Nablus Nablus
Al-Ola Office & School Furniture Adelhai Abu Shammala ameraton@hotmail.com Gaza Gaza
Badr Sabra & Sons Company for Trading & Industry Badr Sabra sabra_co@hotmail.com P.O.Box: 280, Gaza Gaza
Arab Eastern Diaper Manufacturing Company Nidal B. Shaka aeoconid@palnet.com P.O.Box: 279, Nablus Nablus
Alsirisi Import and Export Company Mohammed Mahmoud alseresi@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 14, Qalqilya Qalqilya
Palestine Industrial & Trading Co LTD - Sukkar Jamal A. Sukkar jamalsukkar@hotmail.com South Rimal, Gaza Gaza
Sukhtian Brothers Company Hamad Masri sukhtian.com P.O.Box: 63, Nablus Nablus
Jordan Chemical Lab Angele Zaboura jcl@palnet.com Al-Madaress St., Beit Jala Beit Jala
Arab Painting Company Wael Abbas apcpaints@hally.net P.O.Box: 469, Nablus Nablus
Satarco Company for Industry and Trade Ali Al-Khateeb satarco@p-I-s.com P.O.Box: 66, Khan Younis Khan Younis
The Palestinian Mineral Lube Oil Co. Kamal Hassouneh petropul@hebronet.com P.O.Box: 484, Hebron Hebron
Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Co. ltd Mohamed Masrouji jepharm@palnet.com P.O.Box: 3578, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Arab Industrial Company Ltd (Star) Bishara Jubran b_jubran@aic-palestine.com P.O.Box: 768, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Hebron tanning Leather Factory Nuredden Zattari P.O.Box: 1141, Hebron Hebron
Royal Industrial Trading Company Majdi Zghier info@royalplas.com P.O.Box: 258, Hebron Hebron
El-Tibi Company for Trading & Construction Marwan Atia El-Tibi co_tipi@palnet.com El-Shakh Radwan, Gaza Gaza
Darwish Khalaf & Sons Darwish Khalaf dk-@mail.com P.O.Box; 5149, El-Remal, Gaza Gaza
El-Khoudary for Engineering & Contracting Osama H. El-Khoudary khoudary@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1264, Gaza Gaza
El-Fara Brothers AbedAllah El-Fara Khan Younis, Gaza Khan Younis
El-Essi Company for General Trade & Contracting Jamal El-Essi Essi @hotmail.com Gaza Gaza
Mushtaha & Hassouna Company Rafiq Hassouna mhccnt@mtc-gaza.com P.O.Box: 139, Gaza Gaza
Shawwa Contracting Trading Company Faisal G. Shawwa scc@palnet.com P.O.Box: 210, Gaza Gaza
Madkour Company Mahmoud Abu Madkour Gaza Gaza
Babil Trading & General Contracting Company Nabil Afana babil94@hally.net P.O.Box: 427, Gaza Gaza
Naboly Shoes Fadel Natsheh P.O.Box:956, Wadi Atufah St, Hebron Hebron
Milano Company Omar Habbob Gaza Gaza
Arab Insurance Establishment Company Shaker Hashem aie@netvision.net.il P.O.Box:166, Al-Qasr St., Nablus Nablus
National Insurance Company Aziz Abdul Jawwad Ramallah Ramallah
Trust International Insurance Company Jamal Al Hamoud P.O.Box: 1860, Al-Bireh Ramallah
Jordan Gulf Bank Zuhdi Shubaitah P.O.Box: 1502, Al-Hussein Square, Nablus Nablus
Jordan Kuwait Bank Nidal Anabtawi P.O.Box: 33, Sufian St., Nablus Nablus
Palestine Investment Bank Zakaria Ghawanmeh Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Anwar Stone and Marble Company Ltd. Muhammad Ismael Manasreh Al-Fahs, Industrial Zone, Hebron Hebron
Al-Masdar Marble and Granite Company Ibrahim Khaleel Bani Na'eem, Hebron Hebron
Al-Nahda Marble and General Trading Company Isam Muhammad Qawasmi P.O.Box: 253, Hebron Hebron
Al-Shawaheen Stone, Marble and General Contracting Rebhi Issa Al-Shawaheen P.O.Box: 12, Quarry Triangle, Yatta, Hebron Hebron
Al-Tawfeeq Stone and Marble Company Ne'man Omran Al-Fahs, Industrial Zone, Hebron Hebron
Bani Na'eem Marble and Quarry Company Izzat Mahmoud Bani Na'eem, Hebron Hebron
Holding Co. for Stone and Marble Khaled Moussa Mahammad Yatta, Hebron Hebron
Holy Land Stone Company Rateb Abu Ghazalah P.O.Box: 411, Al-Salam St., Hebron Hebron
Karra'a Mosaics and Stone Company George Karra'a karraamc@palnet.com P.O.Box: 351, Manger St., Bethlehem Bethlehem
Munther Factory for Stone and Marble Munther Burham Al-Ja'bari P.O.Box: 188, Industrial Zone, Hebron Hebron
Nassar Trading, Industrial and Contracting Company Nassar Ali Nassar P.O.Box: 620, Hebron St., Bethlehem. Bethlehem
Petra Marble and Stone Jawdat Suheil P.O.Box:291, Hebron St., Beit Jala Beit Jala
Al-Karmel Cosmetics Ltd. Muhammad Barham karmel@palnet.com P.O.Box: 319, Industrial Zone, Nablus Nablus
Birzeit Palestine Pharmaceutical Company Talal Nasreddin bpc@palnet.com P.O.Box: 20, Jifna Road, Bir Zeit, Ramallah Ramallah
Gamma Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetics Company Jameelah Al-Sayyed P.O.Box: 782, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Pharmacare Company Basem S. Khoury phrmcrr@palnet.edu P.O.Box: 677, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
YMP Medical Products Elias Al Yateem Hatoum St., Beit Sahour Beit Sahour
Al-Mashriq Real Estate Company As'ad Haj Ali realestate@al-mashriq.com P.O.Box :1085, Ramallah Ramallah
Engineering & Management Consulting Center Attia Mousa emcc@p-I-s.com Rimal, Gaza Gaza
Al-Rayyan Company for Cast Tariq A. Abu Al-Feelat rayan@hebronet.com Hebron Hebron
Al-Tawfeek Leather Company Abdel Sami' Za'tari hamde1959@maktoob.com P.O.Box: 236, Hebron Hebron
Ramallah Plastic Pipe Company Bassam Rabah brabah@palnet.com P.O.Box:790, Ramallah Ramallah
A. R. Hijjawi & Sons Ltd Hassan A. Hijjawi an_naser@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1320, Nablus Nablus
Abdeen Leather Factory Jawwad Abdeen P.O.Box: 5, Main St., Bethany, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Bank of Jordan Muhammad Aziz Shaker bojram@panet.com P.O.Box: 1328, Nablus St., Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Aqsa Islamic Bank Muhammad Sarsour P.O.Box: 3753, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Standard Chartered Grindlays Safwan Mu'asher nablus@anz.com P.O.Box: 141, Ramallah Ramallah
Jordan National Bank Hanna Ghattas jnb@palnet.com P.O. Box: 550, Al-Carafe, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Darwish Abu Muaileq Nabil Abu Muaileq P.O.Box: 1254, Gaza Gaza
American Life Insurance Company Goerge Musleh P.O.Box: 63, Ramallah Ramallah
Egyptian Al-Ahlia Insurance Company Mahmoud Mousa Gaza Gaza
Al-Mashriq Insurance Company Sameeh Khalil P.O.Box: 1600, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestine Insurance Company Alia Mesleh Ramallah Ramallah
Abu Laban General Trade Musa Ahmad Abu Laban Ein Misbah St., Ramallah Ramallah
Culligan National Bottling Company Ltd. Khaled Qutob Bir Nabala Bir Nabala
Al-Mashreq Trading Company Khalil Kharaz mashreq@p-ol.com P.O.Box: 54128, Jerusalem Ramallah
Masrouji M.M. Company Haytham Al-Masrouji masrouji@masrouji.com P.O.Box: 3608, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
MSS- Medical Supplies & Services Khalid Al-Afifi info@msspal.com P.O.Box:1909, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Rawabi Trading & Investment Mohammed Al-Jarashi P.O.Box: 315, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Taybeh Brewing Company Nadim Khoury taybeh@palnet.com Taybeh, Ramallah Ramallah
Techno Commerce Company George Rezeq george@technopal.com P.O.Box: 19015, Jerusalem Ramallah
World Trade Center - Palestine Basem Nejem wtcp@hally.net Trust Building, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Khailah Furniture Company Jamal George Al-Khailah P.O.Box: 619, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Alef Alef Company Naser Anabtawi P.O.Box:1792, Jerusalem St, Ramallah Ramallah
Future World Trading Company Hassan Bashtawi fw@hally.net P.O.Box: 1351, Sufian St., Al-Shunar Building , Nablus Nablus
Sabeel Leather Bags Company Sameer Abu Al-Hawa Khaled Bin Waleed St., El-Remal, Gaza Gaza
Bama Industrial and Commercial Company Mahmoud Abed Abeido P.O.Box: 259, Al-Madeena St., Hebron Hebron
Arar Company for Trade and General Contracting Tawfiq Arar P.O.Box: 10, Qalqilya Qalqilya
Gama Contracting and Investment Company Azmi Mujahed P.O.Box: 736, Ain Fara St. Hebron Hebron
Mechanical Engineering Center Saed Al-Taher P.O.Box:121, Fourth Floor, Hirwash Building, Raffidia St., Nablus Nablus
Arab Real Estate Establishment Company (ARE) Ibrahim Abdul-Hadi aie @netvision.net.il P.O.Box: 1818, Al Ma'moon St., Nablus Nablus
Al-Zeer Establishment for Contracting Daoud Hassan Al-Zeer P.O.Box: 1041, Mundou Building , Al-Mahd St., Bethlehem Bethlehem
Bulk Express Transportation Imad El-Natour Industrial Area, Ramallah Ramallah
Akkad and Company for Fashion Mufeed Ghaleb Akkad P.O.Box: 1175, Eastern Side, Industrial Zone, Nablus Nablus
Shams Company for Engineering, Trading and Contracting Marwan Al-Shawwa 46/372 Palestine St., Gaza Gaza
Osaily Trading and Contracting Company Naser Osaily P.O.Box: 33, 35 King Faisal St., Hebron Hebron
Farrah Brothers for Industry & Commerce Mahammad Farrah P.O.Box:21646, Sultan Suleiman St, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Al-Zafer General Contracting and Trading Company Mohammed Awadah Abu Mathkoor . P.O.Box :1041, Al-Zafer Tower No.1, Majdal St., South El-Remal District , Gaza Gaza
Al-Ayah Contracting Company Mu' ayyad Al-Madi . Al-Ramoni Building , Al-Ma ahed St., Ramallah Ramallah
Madi For Engineering and Contracting Company Muayyad Al-Madi Al-Ramoni Building , Al-Ma ahed St., Ramallah Ramallah
Rizik Textile Company George Rizik P.O.Box: 316, Al-Sahel St., Beit Jala Beit Jala
Al-Milad Company for Contracting and Investment Habib Hanna Murra. P.O.Box : 544, Murra Building, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Muhammad Al-Amour Contracting Establishment Muhammad Al-Amour P.O.Box : 3606, Al-Salam Building, Al-Irsal St., Al Bireh Al-Bireh
Tubeileh Engineering and Contracting Company Sameeh Tubeileh Zafer Al-Masri Building, Faisal St., Nablus Nablus
Yousef Abu Ghosh General Contracting Yousef Abu Ghoush Eastern Court Building, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Ahliea Carton Boxes Company Mohammed Nafez El-Hirbawi P.O.Box: 29, Farsh Al-Hawa, Hebron Hebron
Al-Asbah Trading and Transportation Jamal Al-Asbah Industrial Area, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Asbah Company for Heavy Equipment and Trucks Jamal Al-Asbah volvo@p-ol.com Ramallah Ramallah
Lady Fine Industrial Commercial Company Maher Al-Haimouni P.O.Box: 394, Next to Al-Ansar Mosque, Al-Salam St., Hebron. Hebron
Paper Industries Company Mohammad El-Hirbawi P.O.Box : 526, Behind Hebron University, Hebron. Hebron
Al-Redaisi Plastic and Polystyrene Company Badr-Eddin Al-Redaisi P.O.Box: 179, Jabalia, Gaza Gaza
Blue Waves Logistic Services Ziad M. Al-Lulu bluwavs@hotmail.com Rimal, Gaza Gaza
Mansour Industry, Trade, and Contracting Company Mansour A.Mansour mitcco@zaytona.com Faisal St. Nablus Nablus
National Aluminum and Profile Co. (NAPCO) Osama Al-Akkad Beit Eiba, Qousain Junction , Nablus Nablus
United Arab Plastic Company Hani Dweik P.O.Box: 19366, industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Marshal Paints Al-Jerashi Company Sager ramadan P.O.Box: 806, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Durabieh Trade and Industry Co. Abdel Rahman Durabieh Erez Industrial Zone, Gaza Gaza
The Palestinian Mineral Lube Oil Company Kamal Hassouneh petropul@hebronet.com P.O.Box: 484, Hebron Hebron
Eagleflex Abrasive Company Roubin Joulani Qyzoun, Hebron Hebron
Edico Investment Company Hamdi Edies 48 Bir Sheeva St., Hebron Hebron
Arab Paints Company Wael Abbas apcpaints@hally.net P.O.Box: 469, Nablus Nablus
Electrochemical Metallizing Company Dr. Osama B.Odeh P.O.Box:363, Industrial Zone , Nablus St., Al-Bireh, Ramallah Ramallah
Arab Industrial Company Nakhleh Jubran aic@palnet.com P.O.Box: 768, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Salam Aluminum and General Trading Company Ali Saleh P.O.Box:12, Salah Eddin St., Al-Zayton District, Gaza Gaza
Taqaddom Scales Company Ghassan or Ayman Neiroukh P.O.Box : 408, Industrial Zone, Hebron Hebron
Abu Taha Brothers Company Fayez Abu Taha P.O.Box:533, Salah-Eddin St., Shuja iyyeh , Gaza Gaza
Al-Sheeb Trading Company Samer Al-Sheeb P.O.Box: 657, Omar Al-Mukhtar St., Nablus Nablus
Annasr Industrial and Trading Company Ltd. Antone Habash annasr.ico@palnet.com P.O.Box:570, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Jordan Vegetable Oil Industries Company Zaher Affouneh jvoic@zaytouna.com P.O.Box: 95, Oil St., Industrial Zone , Nablus Nablus
K.A.R. Foodstuff Manufacturing Company Osama Al-Herbawi P.O.Box: 526, Al-Saba St., Al-Bassah District , Hebron Hebron
Rukab Ice Cream Company Ihsan J. Rukab P.O.Box:161, 22 Main St., Ramallah Ramallah
Afeef & Sons Company for Sweets Abdel-Karim Afeef Shuqqo P.O.Box:895, Haifa St., Nablus Nablus
Silvana Chocolate Company Anton Mardirossian P.O.Box:249, 78 Jaffa Road , Ramallah Ramallah
Sinokrot Food Company Mazen Sinokrot h-offfice@sinkrot.com P.O.Box:1410, Industrial Zone , Ramallah Ramallah
Daphna Mahmoud Hreibat P.O.Box: 705, Wad Al-Tuffah St., Hebron Hebron
Al-Shark Electrode Company Kamal Hassouneh alshark@hebronet.com Al-Salam St., Hebron Hebron
El-Hassayna Fire Fighting & Safety Company Ltd Mussa El-Hassaynah mussaint@hotmail.com Gaza Gaza
Palestine Marble Company Ibrahim Halayka Hebron Hebron
Khalil Al-Mashni Establishment for General Trading Khalil Al-Mashni P.O.Box: 1013, Hebron Raod , Bethlehem Bethlehem
Abu Shahla & Associates Consulting Engineers Ali Abu Shahla aapal@palnet.com P.O.Box: 40, Gaza Gaza
Center Advanced Technology & Design Ibrahim Younan younan@catd.net P.O.Box: 17175, Beit Hanina, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Al-Manara Engineering F. Wajeeh hamarsheh Abu Bakr St., Jenin Jenin
Al-Ameed Architects & Engineers Marwan Abdul Salam alameed@hally.net P.O.Box: 1112, Nablus Nablus
Saffarini & Associates Amer Saffarini safarini@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1844, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Gharb Engineering Company Jamal Damen rawandamen@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 791, Al-Tireh, Ramallah Ramallah
Hijjawi Engineering Center (HEC) Ali Hijjawi P.O.Box: 137, Nablus Nablus
Tamimi Ceramics Nader Tamimi info@tamimics.com P.O.Box: 83, Al-Quds St., Hebron Hebron
Plastico Company Ltd. Rasmi Abu Qasem plastico@p/is.com P.O.Box: 11, Deir El-Balah, Gaza Gaza
Gaza Bus Company Mamdouh Abu Ramadan Gaza Gaza
Elhelou Comm. Est. Ltd. Nassar Elhelou elhelo@palnet.com P.O.Box: 104, Omar Mokhtar St., Gaza Gaza
Al-Mahsiri Food Production Saed Al-Mahsiri P.O.Box: 1300, Ramallah Ramallah
Salah Commercial Company Khaled Salah P.O.Box: 673, Hebron Hebron
Saera For Trading and Food Industries Company Amir Al-Qaisi P.O.Box: 38296, Bair Nabala, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Qasrawi Industrial & Trading Company Ltd. Zuhair Al-Qasrawi qasrawi@hebronet.com P.O.Box: 8, Hebron Hebron
Al-Sunbula Islamic Establishment Food Salah Ma'rouf Wad El-Tuffah, Nablus Nablus
Al-Haya Food Industries Mazen Al-Daqqaq hayafood@palnet.com P.O.Box: 132, Al-Ezaria, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Al-Juneidi Dairy and Foodstuff Company Hashem Al-Juneidi juneidi@hebronet.com P.O.Box: 274, Hebron Hebron
Sharawi Confectionary Co. Ltd Ahmad Sharawi Ahmad@sharawi-con.com Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Arousa Ice Cream Company Ltd. Ghazi Mushtaha P.O.Box: 297, Bour Saed St., Gaza Gaza
The Arab Development Society Nayef El-Lahham P.O.Box: 16, Jericho Jericho
Al-Pinar Trading Co. Suleiman Sayej pinar@palnet.com P.O.Box: 4424, Industrial Zone, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Coca Cola Imad Al-Hindi Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Amro & Associates Law Office Thaer Amro Amrlawof@palnet.com Yafa St., Ramallah Ramallah
Bassam Musleh & Mohammed Rabai Bassam Musleh bmusleh@palnet.com P.O.Box:4234, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Qupty, Dahleh & Associates Law Office Mazen Qupty quptydah@netvision.net.il Al-Zahra St., Jerusalem Jerusalem
Sharhabeel Al Zaeem & Associates Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem alzaeem@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1153, Omar Al-Mukhtar St., Gaza Gaza
Usama Halabi Law Office Usama Halabi Zahra St., Jerusalem Jerusalem
Hammoudah Company Akef Hammoudah Tulkarm Tulkarm
Salah Shweiki Establishment Salah Shweiki Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Saed Company Mousa Saed Abu Ghoush Bethlehem Bethlehem
Aro Sewing Workshop jawdat Shweiki Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Hayek Textile Victor Al-Hayek Bethlehem Bethlehem
National Textile Company Farid Abu Rumman P.O.Box: 15, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Holy Land Plastic Company Fayez Jaradat Jenin Jenin
Nablus Plastic & Nylon Company Ahmad Al-Sader ahmadsader@hotmail.com Beit Eba, Industrial Area, Nablus Nablus
International Chemical & Plastic Industry-ICPI Ghassan Al-Hazzan P.O.Box: 541, Nablus Nablus
Abdeen Trading and Industrial Company Abed El-Ghani Abdeen abdeen@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1956, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Rabah Plastic Company Raja'I Rabah P.O.Box:4, Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
International Plastic Company Simon Bursheh Al-Ayyam St., Ramallah Ramallah
Bethlehem Plastic Company Muhammad Abdeen P.O.Box: 101, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Badr Eddin Redaisi Company Badr Eddin Redaisi redaisico@hotmail.com Yafa St., Gaza Gaza
Gaza Company for Foam Industry Nabil Hashem Al-Saqqa foamco@pis.com P.O.Box: 1145, Gaza Gaza
Salama Trading & Industry Walid Al-Mughrabi Industrial Zone, Beit Hanoun, Gaza Gaza
Saleem Co. for Trading and Industry Ahmad Saleem Gaza Gaza
Yahya Mahani Trade and Industry Yahya Adel Karim Mahani P.O.Box: 5131, Gaza Gaza
Housing Bank for Trade & Finance Anis Al-hajji Ramallah Ramallah
Palestinian Banking Corporation Chris August Jerusalem Jerusalem
Principle Bank for Development and Agriculture Credit Abbas Abdel Hadi Abbas Gaza Gaza
Arab Palestinian Investment bank Bishra Dabbah Ramallah Ramallah
Ghazi Al-Shalaldah Sons Marble Company Nidal Shalaldah Ad Duheisha Main St., Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Najah Stone and Marble Company Nassar Ghaith gn_g47@hotmail.com Industrial Area, Hebron Hebron
Al-Nakheel Stone and Marble Company Jebreel Abu Daoud Industrial Area, Hebron Hebron
Donya Stone & Marble Company Nidal Al-Ajlouni Industrial Area, Hebron Hebron
Nabeel For Marble & Granite Nabeel Sabarneh Al-Dawha, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Carrarah Marble & Granite Hisham Al-Ajjouly carara@palnet.com Industrial Area, Ramallah Ramallah
Beit Al-Maqdes Marble & Granite Company fawwaz Al-Ajjouli Industrial Area, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Sharabati Modern Granite & Marble Company Abdullah Al-Sharabati Industrial Area, Hebron Hebron
New Inter Trade Company Samer Qaraeen Qaraeen@hotmail.com Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Royal Electromechanical Engineering Na'el Sa'adah royal @palnet.com Tanous Building, Ramallah Ramallah
Engineering Center for Heating & Air Conditioning Yousef Ibrahim Zareefeh Industrial Area, Ramallah Ramallah
Climatec Investment Company George Maghnam climatec@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1321, Ramallah Ramallah
Abu Shousheh Company Ayman Abo Shousheh Industrial Area, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Nojoum Heating & Air Conditioning Nader Saleh alnojoum2000@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 1662, Ramallah Ramallah
Central Heating & Mechanical Engineering Company Khalil Abu Nahleh P.O.Box: 1311, Ramallah Ramallah
Air Conditioning System Company Imad Al-Qadoumi Ramallah Ramallah
Arab Technology Group Ameed Al-Khayyat atgr@palnet.com P.O.Box: 2060, Ramallah Ramallah
Top Service Engineering Company Ahmad Afanah Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Eetimad Solar Mustafa Al-Sheni P.O.Box: 4250, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Abu Rafiq for Stone and Marble Ahmad Sawakteh Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Akhnaf Stone and Marble Company Izz Eddin Al-Rajabi Industrial Area, Hebron Hebron
Abraj Institution for Engineering & Consulting Sa'ed Al-Khatib Hebron Hebron
Jerusalem Design Center Hani Abu Diab jdc@pol.com Jerusalem Jerusalem
Dour Engineering & Planning Emad Abu Khdair dur@palnet.com P.O.Box: 25139, Shu'fat, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Al-Andalus Electromechanical Consulting and Engineering Iman Wadi andalus@palnet.com Al-Irsal St., Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Etqan Engineering Office Mohammad Salem Sarsour mmuhandis@yahoo.com Ramallah Ramallah
First Option Yaser Abbas firstopn@palnet.com P.O.Box: 2306, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Kastal Electromechanical Eng. Office Firas Ghaith salehsulieman@hotmail.com Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Buyader Engineering Company Salman turki baider@hotmail.com Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Buraq for Engineering Nesreen Rashid Nayef P.O.Box: 814, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Assia Engineering Consulting Adeeb Abdallah P.O.box: 385, Ramallah Ramallah
Center for Engineering & Architecture Systems Shahim mohammad Shahin cena_shah@yahoo.com Jerusalem St., Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Barakat & Jafra Company Ziad Barakat Ramallah Ramallah
Tasneem International Trading & Investment Company Mohammad Ahmad Rabe' tasneem@aol.com Ramallah Ramallah
Golden Wheat Mills Company Ayyoub Rabah Ramallah Ramallah
Nasim Tex 2000 Company Osama Al-Za'tary Ramallah Ramallah
Amin Aluminium Company Yousef Ahmad Yousef Amin amin_co@palnet.com Ramallah Ramallah
The Metal and Drawing Company Yaqoub Asad Hasouneh Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Gulani Furniture Company Amer Al-Gulani Ramallah Ramallah
Amin Furniture Mohammad Amin Ramallah Ramallah
Faihaa Cartoon Co. Hasan Al-Ja'afreh Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Dalia Cartoon Helmi Dalia dalia@p-ol.com Ramallah Ramallah
G.M. Profile Company Emad Al-Mimi P.O.Box: 651, Ramallah Ramallah
Bena' for Institutional Development Jehad Atyani P.O.Box: 4274, El-Bireh Ramallah
Industrial Details Amjad Al Ghanim id-nablus@id-annukhbah.com P.O.Box: 1712, Nablus Nablus
MA'AN Development Center Sami Khadr P.O.Box: 51352, Ramallah Ramallah
Global Management Consulting Group Nael Shubaro info@global-pal.com Ramallah Ramallah
Double-C Consulting and Career Development Ltd. Diana Manneh P.O.Box: 31090, Jerusalem Jerusalem
MASSAR Bashar F Masri info@massar.com P.O.Box: 2439, Al-Khawther St., El-Bireh Al-Bireh
Elawa Transportation and Custom Clearance Company Mohammad Wajeeh Elawa elawa@palnet.com P.O.Box: 261, Gaza Gaza
Delta International Logistic, Transportation, and Custom Clearance Abdel Hakeem Hassouneh deltaimt@canada.com Al-Wehdah St., Gaza Gaza
Sa'd Shuhaiber Transportation Company Osama Shuhaiber Gaza Gaza
Zaidan Textile Factory Nakhleh Zaidan Bethlehem Bethlehem
Sameer Sewing Factory Nasri Ghawali Bethlehem Bethlehem
Suzan Sewing Factory Rushdi Dakka Bethlehem Tulkarm
Yousef Badran Workshop Yousef Badran Tulkarm Tulkarm
Al-Amal Workshop Hesham Yousef Jabr Tulkarm Tulkarm
Al-Amana Workshop Osama Salhab Nablus Nablus
Al-Farrah Company Mohammad Farrah Jerusalem Nablus
Sun Fashion Company Majdi Essgayyar Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Aqsa Textile Factory Abdel Hamid Shawar Hebron Hebron
Sinokrot Textile Factory Mahmoud Musbah Sonnukrut Hebron Hebron
Reemon Sewing Factory Reemon Farah Jenin Jenin
Ibrahim Al-Omari Workshop Ibrahim Al-Omari Jenin Jenin
Arab Engineering Services & Consultations " Arabesc" Reema Hani Arafat arabesc@palnet.com P.O.Box: 4, Palestine St., Nablus Nablus
The National Paper Products and Marketing Company (Reema) Mahmood El-Haj Abed jadallah@palnet.com P.O.Box: 85, Ramallah Ramallah
Intermediate Chemical & Plastic Industry Yousef Malhees P.O.Box: 541, Nablus Nablus
Seeds Cooperation Company Saif Eddin Al-Deik P.O.Box: 1170, Ramallah Ramallah
National Poultry Company Mohammad Abu Dalo P.O.Box: 51052, Bir Nabala, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Badri & Hania Company Fuad Hania Gaza Gaza
United Feed Company Hamdi Fattouh P.O.Box: 475, Howwara, Nablus Nablus
Jericho Natural Mineral Water Company Marwan Zalloum P.O.Box: 65, Jericho Jericho
Sous Textile Company (Soutex) Tareq Al-Sous P.O.Box: 201, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Hodali's Textile & Printing Factory Abdallah Al-Hodali P.O.Box: 185, Beit Jala Beit Jala
Mufdi Textile Company Yousef Al-Mufdi P.O.Box: 127, Al-Amayer St. Beit Jala Beit Jala
Al-Huda Textile Factory Tareq Sakf El-Hait alhuda@zaytouna.net P.O.Box: 1321, Nablus Nablus
Al-Aqsa for Stones & Marble Subhi Thawabteh Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Jundi for Marble Sayel Al-Jundi Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Ja'bari Stone and Marble Company Muhammad Al-Ja'bari Bethlehem Bethlehem
Atlas Stone and Marble Company Ibrahim Taqatqa Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Husain Company for Stone and Marble Husain Nassar Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Tasamoh Company Deeb Halaika Bethlehem Bethlehem
Al-Douha Stone Company Mahmoud Abu Shakra Bethlehem Bethlehem
Gulf Industrial Development Company Ltd Bahiej Al-Biqawi gidc@gidc-pal.com P.O.Box: 1767, Nablus Nablus
Training Accounting & Management Institute (TAMI) Imad Abu Dayyeh tamiinst@hotmail.com P.O.Box: 53, Gaza Gaza
Agricultural Services Company Salim Abu Ghazaleh saleem@pal-arc.org P.O.Box: 25128, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Izhiman Coffee Qasem Izhiman Izhimancoffee@yahoo.com P.O.Box: 1449, Ramallah Ramallah
Omar & Roshdi Alul Company Motee' Alul P.O.Box: 208, Nablus Nablus
Al-Faihaa Company Taiseer Al-Atal Gaza Gaza
Adam Company for Trading & Industry Mahammad Balah P.O.Box: 5007, Gaza Gaza
Consolidated Palestine Company for Steel Industry Ltd. Yaqoub Hassoneh hassonih@futurein.net Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Al-Aqsa Factory for Solar, Water and Heaters Abdel Karim Abu Ghali P.O.Box: 212, Jenin Jenin
Alami General Trading and Industry Ragheb Al-Alami moalamy@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1115, Gaza Gaza
Ghosheh Industrial Food Company Majed Ghosheh P.O.Box: 19751, Jericho Jericho
AL-Helol Integrated Computer Systems Awad Hammoudeh pdmain@palnet.com P.O.Box: 5187, Al-Montar, Industrial Zone, Gaza Gaza
Al-Jaffal Group Ibrahim Jaffal ibrahim@jaffalgroup.com P.O.Box: 2064, PBC St., Al-Huda Building, Ramallah Ramallah
Alem Al Mohandison Company Mohannad Ashqar information@mohandison.com P.O.Box: 6, Ayam St., Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
Applied Information Management Sam Bahour sbahour@palnet.com P.O.Box: 2323, Ramallah Ramallah
Arab Supernet Bassam Salhi salhi@a-supernet.net P.O.Box: 66, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Arab Technology Systems (ATS) Hassan Kassem info@ats-pal.com P.O.Box: 4167, Al-Irsal St., Ramallah Ramallah
Asal Technologies Abdallah Salameh asalameh@asaltech.com P.O.Box: 4285, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Babil Soft Muhana Manasra bblsft@jrol.com P.O.Box: 3868, Ramallah Ramallah
Bailasan for Computers & Internet Ayman Al Masri bailasan@bailasan.com P.O.Box: 328, Ramallah Ramallah
Bisan Systems Ltd. Marwan Totah info@bisan.com P.O.Box: 530, Ramallah Ramallah
C.M.C - Computer Media Center Hani Abd Ul-Latif hani@cmc-center.com P.O.Box: 21643, East Jerusalem Jerusalem
Computer & Communication Systems Daoud Ibrahim dibrahim@acc-pal.com P.O.Box: 1015, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Duracom Telecommunication Ltd. Mahmoud Turabi Duracom@zaytona.com P.O.Box: 1164, Rafidia St., Nablus Nablus
EDISCO - Electronic Digital Information Systems Hamza Najjar edisco@palnet.com P.O.Box: 4135, Jaffa St., Industrial Zone, Ramallah Ramallah
EPCO Computers and Systems Nabeel Abu Shaaban epco@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1140, Al-Remal, Gaza Gaza
Eurotec- European Trading & Technology Co. Qasem Donbuk eurotec@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1747, Rafedia St., Nablus Nablus
Galaxy Training and Services Majed Bakeer mmb@hally.net P.O.Box: 2200, Ramallah Ramallah
Global Software Service Inc.( IDS Software System) Kareem Shehadeh Kareem@idsintl.com P.O.Box: 2459, Ramallah Ramallah
Good Shepherd Engineering & Computing (GSE) Micheal Younan gse@gsecc.com P.O.Box: 524, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Hally Computers & Electronic Eng Mohammad Younes hally@hally.net P.O.Box: 1594, Nablus Nablus
Intertech Ala Alaeddin ala@p-ol.com P.O.Box: 328, Ramallah Ramallah
Isra' Software & Computer Company Husam Dweikat ISCO@hally.net P.O.Box: 1846, Nablus Nablus
Itouch Daoud Z Dajani itouch@p-ol.com P.O.Box: 19297, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Jaffa.Net Computer Systems Yahya Idris info@i_jaffa.net P.O.Box: 1220, Ramallah Ramallah
Jamal Sons Telecom Systems Mohammed Jamal Haboush mod55@hally.net P.O.Box: 5295, Gaza Gaza
Jerusalem Technology Systems Rafiq El-Qaddoumi rafiq_qaddoumi@jtsjts.com P.O.Box: 503, Nablus Nablus
Madek for Investment & Trade Sana Abu-Bakir info@madek.com P.O.Box: 4241 Al-Bireh Ramallah
MicroNet- Networking & Communication Jihad Al-Bakri micronet@micronet-pal.com P.O.Box: 3454, Ramallah Ramallah
Microtech for Investment Company Omar Amro sales@microtech-pal.com P.O.Box: 1672, Ramallah Ramallah
New Techni Company Marwan Khawaja info@ntc-pal.com P.O.Box: 1139, Ramallah Ramallah
Noursoft Omar Said Ismail noursoft@p-ol.com P.O.Box: 3809, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
OFFTEC-Palestine Office Technology Jameel J. Daher pal@office.com P.O.Box: 2166, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestine On-Line Riyad Amin info@p-ol.com P.O.Box: 2280, Ramallah Ramallah
Palestinian Internet Services Ahmad Abu Marzouq info@p-i-s.com P.O.Box: 5111, Gaza Gaza
Palnet Communications Ltd Samer Sabri info@palnet.com P.O.Box: 2030, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
PCNC 2000 Networking Ltd Iyad Qumsieh iqumsieh@pcnc2000.com P.O.Box: 91, Bethlehem Bethlehem
Rama International Issa Eways info@rama-intl.com P.O.Box: 1313, Ramallah Ramallah
Rosa Information Rami Auwaida rosainfo@hally.net Gaza Gaza
Safad Engineering & Electronics Ltd. Ibrahim Barham Ibrahim_Barham@safad.com P.O.Box: 1811, Ramallah Ramallah
Samco Company Samir Abdul Hadi samir@samco1980.com P.O.Box: 333, Nablus Nablus
Sidata Information Communication Systems Bassam El-Wazir belwazir@hally.net P.O.Box: 4003, Gaza Gaza
Siemens Information and Communication Technologies Ltd. Tareq Maayeh Tareq.Maayah@ICT.Siemens.com P.O.Box: 1133, Ramallah Ramallah
Specialized Technical Systems Humam El-Mufti sts@palnet.com Ramallah Ramallah
Timex Resources Limited Khaled Assali kwassali@timex.com P.O.Box: 4130, Al-Bireh Al-Bireh
Tork Computers Issam Tork tork@palnet.com P.O.Box: 1000, Ramallah Ramallah
Universal Computer & Electronics Ltd. Rustom Shehada sales@uce.net P.O.Box: 541, Ramallah Ramallah
Al-Mukawilon Contracting Company Nasser Kamal P.O.Box: 121, Nablus Nablus
El-Shihaby Company for General Trading and Contracting Jawad Shihab Gaza Gaza
Mushtaha Company for Housing, Commerce, and Contracting Naser Mushtaha Gaza Gaza
Top for Industry and Trade Hamdi Edies P.O.Box: 330, Hebron Hebron
Feed Cooperation Company Saifeddin Aldik Ramallah Ramallah
Farrah Funny Kids Marwan Farrah P.O.Box: 781, El-Ram Al-Ram
Al-Haddad Brothers Company Sameeh O. Al-Haddad haddadco@palnet.com Al-Remal, Gaza Gaza
Al-Juneidi for Trade and Industrial Engineering No'man Juneidi junidi@palnet.com Al-Salam St., Hebron Hebron
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