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Textiles and Garment

The textile & clothing industry is the second largest industrial employer in Palestine. The industry is composed of a hundreds of small enterprises operating out of individual homes. Seventy percent of registered companies are considered sole proprietorships, with the remaining 30% are registered as partnerships.

The highest concentration of garment & textile factories in the West Bank is in Nablus where there are 362 factories. 760 factories are in Gaza, with the balance of 578 factories distributed throughout the West Bank towns & cities.
The dominant segment of the industry (50%) is made up of micro-establishments constituting between one and four employees. Only 1% of the sector employs over 50 workers. The remaining 49% of garment and textile factories in the West Bank and Gaza employ between 5 and 49 employees.

Distribution & Market share: 
An increasing number of Palestinian companies are exporting directly to the US, Europe and surrounding Arab countries. While a significant percent of the 80% of production which goes to Israel.
Also, enjoy the Palestine signing free trade agreements between them and the United States and Europe, which provide them with favorable terms for export and investment.

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