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10 Motivating Factors to Invest in Palestine
  1. Dynamic and annual economic growth: Economic growth by 26.7%, during last ten years ago, at the ending year 2020 GDP was 14,037.4 million USD. The economic indicators show a growth in the total economic indicators, and an increase in the value added of the economic activities.
  2. Variety of Incentives package contract. The investment legal framework and the signed agreements aim to encourage investment in Palestine, and provide  a variety of investment incentives granted from IPIEA, in cooperation with its partners, according to a certain criteria related to the type of the investment, the economic sector, and its geographic location.
  3. Virgin land for investment. Palestine is in the phase of state-building, the efforts are directly and increasingly emphasizing on increasing the economic capacity, benefiting from the human resources as well as the natural resources to expand its production chain to meet the growing local market needs, which generate  a variety of investment opportunities in each economic sector in the virgin land. 
  4. Advanced Infrastructure and Communications Networks. The Palestinian infrastructure is sophisticated as it has received attention from the local government and the international donors. It is a key factor in attracting foreign investments and expanding domestic investments, in addition to its excellence in providing competitive services in wire and wireless communication network.
  5. Qualified industrial estates and free zones. Palestine offers industrial estates and free zones with advanced infrastructure and facilities, to raise the level of satisfaction and facilitation for the local and foreign businessmen. The free zones also provide additional incentives to the existing investments, as well as a set of facilitation for registration and licensing procedures. These Industrials zones are distributed throughout Palestine.
  6. Strategic location and rich natural resources. Palestine has a strategic and geographic location, located in the heart of the world and links between Asia, Africa and Europe, and oversees the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Palestine is a tourist destination, it has religious monuments, archaeological areas and a rich cultural heritage. In addition to the diversity of natural resources.
  7. Qualified labor force. Palestine has 40.9% of labor force, 56.2% of the workforce are youth and who are well-educated and have a wealth of skills.
  8.  Attractive work environment. The legal and regulatory framework that exists in Palestine motivates local and foreign investors, provides proper facilities and support to the investor through a set of parties that are established to achieve this mission for existing or potential investments.                                                                                           
  9. Access to global market. Palestine signed more than 12 trade and economic agreements with the countries of the world, to ensure the facilitation of intra-trade and simplification of procedures and the granting of customs facilities to open doors for investors to access foreign markets. This is in addition to the detailed agreements of Palestinian products in the Arab world, which has a population of more than 300 million people.
  10. Access to finance. Palestine has a variety of financial institutions, lending institutions, and financial programs that all work together in order to assure flexible respond to the needs and the orientations of the investor