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Tourism sector
The tourism sector in Palestine is continuously growing, in the presence of all the significant elements that guarantee economic success, and prosperity.  The sector is able to attract foreign and domestic investments and can appeal to investors with its diversity of the cultural, and religious diversity, as well as environmental and natural wealth. Palestine's natural geography is composed of coastal and mountainous landscapes. The oldest city on earth, Jericho, lies within Palestine, as well as the Dead Sea, with its wealth of minerals and the possibility it holds for investors in the tourism sector, as it is still under developed in terms of the availability of health spas and recreational facilities.  Palestine is home to the three major religions, and is rich with Islamic and Christian holy momentums that attract a huge number of tourists each year.
Recreation and tourist facilities are available across Palestine to serve tourists.  Conference facilities are also available for use of businessmen.Tourism is important not only due to its financial importance as a sector that can employee a large number of employees and improve their income, but its importance lies more in the fact that it can serve as a platform through which Palestinians can reach the world with their rich culture and distinctive identity.  .

Palestinian Tourism Sector indicators:                                                                                          
  • The estimated contribution of the tourism sector in Palestine's GDP is 6%.
  • The estimated contribution of the sector is about 348,917 million dollars.
  • The tourism sector establishments are 6,258, and sector employs 33,319
  • Annual sector production in Palestine 586,570 million dollars.
  • According to PCBS statistics, 432 thousand tourists have visited Palestine in 2015.
Hotel indicators:
Palestine is currently implementing hotel classification system, according to the international standards. 

The operating hotels in the West Bank in 2015 are distributed by region as follow:


No. of Beds
No. of Rooms
No. of Hotels
North of West Bank
Middle of West Bank
South of West Bank
985 536 12 Gaza Strip
Total in Palestine

source: PCSB

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