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Announcement to investors

Our dear investors,
Under the current unfortunate conditions that our country is going through in terms of COVID situation, and with accordance to the decisions of the Palestinian government, kindly click here to submit any enquiry or applications. Face-to-face reporting of any questions or complaints will be eliminated to maintain your safety.

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About Us

 The Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA)

PIPA was established in 1998 as an independent agency, pursuant to the promulgation of the Investment Promotion Law “Law Number (1) for the year 1998”. This law provided investors with all possible incentives, progression and assurances to make their investment in Palestine a unique and fruitful investment through creating an economic environment clear of bureaucracy and complications. PIPA reflects the Palestinian Authority vision and its policies to promote the private sector and to define an appropriate investment environment.
PIPA’s Mission:
To build a better future for all Palestinians by providing constantly improved customer service to foreign and domestic investors; through utilizing an effective One-Stop-Shop, special investment incentives and state of the art technology to attract investment. PIPA facilitates cooperation between the private sector and the government, thereby creating and maintaining a more competitive investment environment.
The Partnership between the Private and Public Sector in the Board of Directors of PIPA

PIPA Board of Directors is composed of 11 members; 4 members represent the private sector and the remaining 7 represent the public sector. Minister of National Economy chairs the board of directors currently H.E Abeer Odeh, representative of the Ministry of Finance acts as vice- chairman.
The importance of an existing composed private and public sector board of directors is formed by the necessity to create cooperation between both sectors to monitor and initiate needed changes in laws and procedures that could prevent investment in Palestine. Also, such a relationship initiate and develop needed policies to create an attractive and encouraging investment climate in Palestine, with participation in the implementation of needed policies and procedures that could position Palestine in an advance position within the international competitive arena

BoD members
  1. The Public sector institutions: Tourism and Antiquities, National Economy, Telecommunication and IT, Energy and natural resources, Finance; Local Government.
  2. The Private Sector organizations: Federation of Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; Palestine Trade Centre “PALTRADE”; Palestinian Federation of Industry; Palestinian Businessmen Association.

A strong and collective relationship between the private and public sector within the PIPA’s BoD had led its members to follow a unified national investment promotion framework strategy through targeting productive sectors.

H.E.  Khalid OSAILY Ministry of National Economy Minister of national economy
N/A Ministry of Finance  N/A
Ms. Reem KARAZON  Energy and Natural Resources Authority General manager
Mr. Raed SHARABATI Ministry of Local Government General manager
N/A Ministry of Communications and Information Technology N/A
Mr. Tareq AlMASSRI Ministry of National Economy General manager
Ms. Nida ALAYASSEH Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities General manager 
Mr. Samir HULILEH The Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) PalTrade representative
Mr. Fawaz SHEHADEH The Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture FPCCIA representative
Mr.  Ali BARHAM The Palestinian Federation of Industries PFI representative
Mr. Haytham WAHIDI Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency  CEO
PIPA Organizational Structure 

Services Offered by the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA)

PIPA offer investors the necessary information to start an investment including providing assistance in obtaining all necessary licenses through PIPA’s one-stop-shop. The investment support unit offers updated information and data related to investment opportunities, expenditure and funding in Palestine.

The relationship between PIPA and investors do not end with the awarding of all the incentives and advantages that the law offer, however the relationship is continuous through PIPA’s After Care Unit. Many services and assistance are offered to current investors to solve any problems they might face while establishing their projects. Part of PIPA’s role is to monitor the existing regulations and laws that may affect the healthy investment environment.

For more information:
The Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA)
Postal code: P6058023
P.O. Box 1984, Ramallah, Palestine.
Phone: +970 (2) 298 87 91 / 5
Fax:      +970 (2) 298 87 93
Email:     info@pipa.gov.ps