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Business environment regulatory Institutions

Towards an effective transparency system Palestine established various bodies to insure better structure and services to supervise the business environment Hence increase trust, stability and transparency for investors that reflected in    the World Bank's latest report for 2018. The State of Palestine advanced its position by 26 grades making it ranked tenth among the Arab world and 114 at international level, where there has been significant progress in Palestine in obtaining credit and facilitating trade across Borders.

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The Palestine Capital Market Authority was established as an autonomous agency by law No.(13) of the year (2004). It is governed by a Board of Directors composed of seven members. Its jurisdiction encompasses securities, insurance, financial mortgage and financial leasing sectors, along with any other non-banking financial institutions. In the past years the PCMA chaired the National Committee for Corporate Governance in Palestine.

During the past years PCMA embarked  on a number of projects aimed at improving the internal working environment as well as enhancing the dissemination of information to the public. 

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The Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) is an independent public institution responsible for the formulation and implementation of monetary and banking policies to maintain price stability and low inflation, foster financial stability and safeguard the banking sector and promote sustainable growth of the national economy. PMA works to achieve these goals through:

• Development and execution of monetary policy designed to ensure low inflation and achieve price stability. 

• Effective and transparent regulation and supervision of banks specialized lending institutions and money changers operating in Palestine. 

• Overseeing the development, implementation and operation of modern, efficient payment systems. 

PMA operates by an act of the Palestine Legislative Council's PMA Law Number (2) of 1997, which stipulated the proper authority and autonomy of the PMA and the Banking Law Number 9 of 2010.

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Palestine Standards Institution (PSI) was established in 1994 according to a presidential decree issue by President Yaser Arafat; started operations in 1997; nowadays PSI works according to the law on standards and metrology no 6/2000.  PSI has an autonomous status, considered the sole body responsible for issuing Palestinian standards, and recognized by the both locally and internationally as the focal point for Palestinian participation in the global system of harmonized standards.

 The Institute has the following objectives:

Adopt specific systems of standards, conformity assessment and metrology based on well-established, modern, and scientific principles. 

Assist in protection the health of citizens, and environmental by adopting Palestinian standards, measurements and granting certificates and conformity marks.
Support the national economy and economic development plans and contribute to the modernization of industry in coordination with the concerned institutions in Palestine.

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