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10 Motivating Factors to Invest in Palestine
  1. Dynamic economy and annual economic growth: the Economic growth in Palestine reached 5.9% in 2012 along with annual growth in GDP while foreign investments scored 2.6% growth in 2012. the economic indicators showed a general growth in various economic indicators.
  2. Incentives Package Contract: that enables PIPA and Its Board of Directors to provide additional incentives for leading projects according to the sectors or the geographical location of the project.
  3. Palestine is a virgin land for variety of investments: Palestine is in the phase of building and expanding its production chain to meet the needs of the growing local markets. All the economic sectors represent a variety of investment opportunities.
  4. Infrastructure and communications network: Availability of competitive services in infrastructure particularly in wire and wireless communication networks in addition to well develop data systems.
  5. Qualified Industrial Zones: the Industrial zones strengthened the success of investment through offering services, advanced infrastructure and rewarding incentives for investments. In addition to the investment registration and licensing services to facilitate registering and launching the projects. There are many industrial zones in Palestine: (Bethlehem Industrial zone, Jericho agro-industrial zone, and Gaza Industrial City) .There are two industrial zones that are still in the construction phase (Jenin Industrial zone, Tarqoumia Industrial zone).
  6. Strategic location: Palestine is located in the heart of the world, linking Asia, Africa, and Europe: It is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red sea, Palestine is a touristic attraction to many since it, has religious monuments, archaeological areas, warm weather, or the rich cultural heritage.
  7. Qualified labor force: Palestine has a wealth of well-educated and trained (skilled) labor force that represents 43.6% of its population.
  8. Suitable work environment: the legal environment, the availability of laws and regulations guarantee a healthy investment climate. The Palestinian government has put extensive efforts to provide the proper facilities and support investors through the establishment of the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA) to encourage investors to invest in Palestine by providing advice and support, as well as an after care strategy.
  9. Access to global markets: with more than 11 commercial agreements, Palestine has access to a number of wide spectrum markets, intra-regional trade treatments, simplified procedures and customs which ease accessing international markets, as well as the availability of preferential agreements for Palestinian products in the Arab world, consisting of 350 million consumers.
  10. Access to financing: variety of good financial systems, funding and lending, with easy and flexible financing programs responding to investor needs.