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Jericho Agro Industrial Park - JAIP

About the project: In support of the Japanese initiative "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" in 2006, and in line with the National Palestinian Development plan through Industrial Estates Program to promote the sustainable development and investment process, especially in Jericho and the Jordan Valley, IPIEA with the support of the Japanese Government, commenced the implementation of the offsite infrastructure of the Jericho Agro- Industrial Park (JAIP) in 2010. Moreover, in early 2012.

Developer: A concession agreement awarded to Jericho Agro- Industrial Park Development Company (JAIPco) for the developing and management and maintenance of JAIP, and this company is collation of three local companies.

Location and Area: JAIP is located in the northeastern of the city of Jericho; about 4km away from the city center. The area of JAIP is 61.5 Hectare while the first phase is 11.5 hectares, JAIP has its advantage of being next to the borders and crossing points, access to the Arab an d International markets as well as its closeness to the source of agricultural r raw materials required to the manufacturing and production process.



JAIP financing: Palestinian government through land and offsite infrastructure, Japanese Government.

Types of industries: Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, wood industries, plastic industries, food and beverages, furniture, textiles and clothing, printing and packaging.

List of projects operating in JAIP: Currently there is 12 working factories and in process of reactivating 9 other factories:

For more information:  jaip@pipa.gov.ps; info@pipa.gov.ps