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Special Investment Zones

Palestine is characterized of many features and preference provided to investors, especially in the existence of attractive investment structure and climate for business . The State of Palestine is seeking to provide facilities for investment and is keen to provide infrastructure and incentives in the industrial cities and industrial free zones in Palestine.

It will contribute to the strengthening of the food industry, it’s execution agreement has been signed with Jordan and Japan in 2006. It has 2 phases ,the first phase (150 dunams) , followed by one stage on an area (500 acres) .

  • Geographic Location: it is located at the south of Jericho, 4.5 km far from the city center, and 7 km from the Jordanian-Palestinian border.
  • A partnership with( PRIDE), (PIEFZA), and (JIPA).


  1. Create new markets.
  2. Improve the quality of products.
  3. Reduce the cost of the products.
  4. Create new jobs and investment climate.
  • The project will be managed and operated by General Authority for Industrial Estates and industrial free zones and Jericho Company to develop Palestine Real Estate Investment (Prico), and Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea development company of the Palestinian Investment Fund - with the support of the Japanese government.
For more information:
• Telefax: +970 2 2960361
• Email: info@pride.ps
• Website: www.pride
Development Company agro-industrial city of Jericho:
• Phone: +970 2 2986505
• Fax: +970 2 2986506
• website: www.jaipark.com

  • The Industrial zone of Gaza:

It's considered the first industrial city in Palestine and one of the most important cultural manifestations, both environmental and development in terms of its key role in ending the problems of installations offense within residential communities on the one hand and achieving the possibility of setting up small and medium enterprises, which are the arteries of the large industries on the other hand. It is also confronted to attract investment and facilitate the establishment of projects.

  • Geographic Location: It's located at the east of Gaza City, 4 Km to the east away from Martyrs Square (Palestine Square) .
  • industrial buildings and their specifications:

The industrial buildings in Gaza City are Classified and divided based on the type of industry, major, medium industries, and private industries.
spaces needed for these industries ranges between 500 m2 to 2000 m2. The factory area is determined according to the industry needs and investor’s demand.

  • Number of the established factories in the industrial zone are so far 72 factory with different sizes according to international standards:
  • a roof with thermal insulator to maintain the temperature inside the factories, transparent panels for roofs and walls for lighting and ventilationand concrete floors with extended breaks which bear the high pressure. install lation of transparent panels ceilings and walls for lighting and ventilation needed for factories and concrete floors that bear high pressure and by the expansion joint.
  • The length of the stores walls is 6.20 m and the central to rise length is 7.70 m .
  • Interior and the administrative divisions are left to the owner of the factory to create it based on his need. created by his need for it.
  • Existing industries in the region:
    • Sewing and textile industry.
    • Food industries.
    • Wood industries.
    • Aluminum and plastic industry.
For more information:
• Telephone: +9702 2960351/70/71
• Fax : +970 2 2960355

  • The Industrial zone of Bethlehem:

It's a result of Donors Conference which was held in Paris in December 2007. This project is implemented by French-Palestinian committee of the General Authority for Industrial Estates and industrial free zones and Bethlehem multidisiplanry industrial park - and the Palestinian Water Authority.

Project Objectives:
facilitate the development of of the industrial companie Network.
create between 500 to 1000 jobs through building a sustainable industrial area at south of the city.
support small and medium-sized businesses in order to develop new practices that will enhance its position in the domestic market and for exporting, in addition to improving the performance of its environmentally-friendly industries.


  • The completion of a major power station to equip the industrial zone with electricity
  • The establishment of the power line carrier to feed the RTS capacity 2 MW.
  • The establishment of a high water tank with a capacity of 500 cubic meters to meet the needs of the region's water.
  • Specify the location of the central processing unit. (CPU ) in collaboration with the developer companyand is being supplied to choose a company processing unit after the international tender.
  • The opening of the first of the company's headquarters in Schnaider Electric Industrial Zone and is currently working on holding training courses for engineers.
  • The establishment of an office building consisting of two floors includes the offices of the company and the Commission services firms.
 For more information:
• Telephone: +9702 2960351/70/71
• Fax:  +970 2 2960355

  • The Industrial zone of Jenin
It's located on the most prominent strategic locations (Marj Bin Amer) with an area of (933 acres), it's close to the infrastructure and raw materials.
  • Geographic Location: it is 25 km far from Haifa port, and 25 km far from the Jordanian-Palestinian border too.
  • Project organizers : The General Authority for Industrial Estates and industrial free zones
  • The project is funded by the German Government with 15 million Euros worth for infrastructure. .
  • Project execution: A Turkish Company will develop and operate the industrial city of Jenin.
  • Project importance: The project will create thousands of jobs and attract foreign investments; it will support the Palestinian economy.
  • The main objectives of the project:
    • To Develop the Palestinian economy.
    • To Improve and promote Investments in Palestine.

 For more information:
General Authority for Industrial Estates and industrial free zones
Phone: + 970 2 2960351/70/71
Fax: +970 2 2960355