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Successes Stories in Tulkarm Governorate
National Beverage Company
Covering the National Beverage Company Coca Cola / Cappy food and beverage sector in Palestine, being the first and largest company in its field, through the provision of job opportunities for hundreds of employees, and through the launch of high-quality products that have received numerous awards from local, regional and international headquarters is located of the company in the city of Ramallah, and contains a number of distribution branches in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Has acquired the license for the production of soft drinks, mineral water and juices from the Coca-Cola Company International.
Palestine Poultry Company
Palestine Poultry Company is leading the Palestinian poultry industry in terms of market share, as well as in terms of leadership in the launch of new projects. Is the first slaughterhouse in Palestine in terms of size, quality, and technology used It is a certified ISO 9001-2008.
Mega Land
Miscellaneous games, parks, gardens, over a wide area of the beautiful nature.
This project has been admired by everyone with the Highest Ptguenyate , organization and management, which is struggling to develop and cope with rapid changes
Source: IPIEA, Successes Stories Book