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32 USDM and 910 direct jobs through 23 projects in PIPA’s pipeline

PIPA’s BoD first meeting in 2017 chaired by H.E. Abeer OUDEH discusses PIPA’s yearly report and activities, along with international findings on FDI movements especially the inter- Arab investments and how to increase the attractiveness of Palestine to receive additional investments from the Arab countries, in other hand PIPA’s BoD discussed upcoming planed conferences targeting local development and Arab investments proposed to be implemented in the second quarter, and incentives contract packages proposed by PIPA and progress for adapting them by the cabinet, finally PIPA’s BoD approved the recommendations to grant incentives for 11 projects with total capital amounted 20 USDM which generated 428 direct jobs in the sectors of (Industry, Agriculture, Tourism and Health), two of the approved projects are located in Jericho Agro Industrial Park (JAIP); 27% of the approved projects attracted more than 40% of FDI either international investment or expats investments.