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6 USD millions and 300 direct jobs through 7 projects approved by PIPA

PIPA’s BoD meeting no. 81 and third meeting in 2017 held in Bethlehem chaired by H.E. Abeer OUDEH, various activities and proposals has been discussed to enable the investment environment in Palestine, line of incentives package contracts has been highlighted especially for ICT sector and the progress of the cabinet for  endorsement, and the proposed incentives for the area called “c” and Jordan valley along with the package of incentives for the approved industrial zones, and the proposed incentives to enable investments in east Jerusalem, in other hand BoD discussed PIPA’s initiative to redefine the national definition of MSME’s and to initiate an MSME’s upgrade programme through granting fiscal and non-fiscal incentives along with empowering women in the business sector; and in alignment with PIPA’s law and regulations and BoD mandate the board discussed revamping the One-Stop Shop in PIPA to provide better services and smart solutions, and in harmony with the outputs of the AfterCare survey and Strategy Harmonization with private sector conducted by PIPA the BoD discussed PIPA’s efforts to finalize enabling investment policy agenda in harmony with the national policy agenda 2017-2022;  and during the meeting PIPA’s BoD endorsed the investment committee recommendations for 14 project which includes granting seven projects investment incentives as per law, the registered investment projects amounted 6 USD millions  in (Industry, Agriculture and education) sectors and it’s expected to generates 300 direct jobs; FDI contributed by 6% of the registered investment (from UAE), while expatriates (Turkey) contributed by 4% of the registered investment; and one project in the new promising Industrial zone in Bethlehem.