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Info session on Incentive contract package for renewable energy technologies - Nablus

Nablus: Oct 8th 2017; Info session on Incentive contract package for renewable energy technologies, PIPA and Energy and natural resources authority in cooperation with Nablus chamber of commerce and industry; The info session in line with various informative sessions on available investment incentives in presence of business community and investors along with private sector organizations and municipalities.

Mr. Omar Hashem the chairman of Nablus chamber confirmed the importance of this sessions to highlight the incentives packages provided by the government to enhance the investment climate through encouraging the investors to invest in the promising investments in Nablus and Palestine.

In this session PIPA through its CEO presented the Incentive contract package for renewable energy technologies, and provided an informative session on the sector and the demand and how the tax and non-tax incentives will increases the competitiveness of products and how it will generates jobs and electricity in an attractive model, and called the investors to use the available tools to increase their products competitiveness and to invest on the Utility scale projects as promising business in Palestine. 
And within the session a success story presented by a Palestinian Expat who invested recently in an utility scale project and connected to the greed, in other hand an introduction from the representative officer on the Palestine Energy Project supported by USAID 
By the end of the info session an open discussion toke place on the feasibilities and one of the recommendations was to conduct more informative sessions on the promising sector.
Finally PIPA extend its gratitude to Nablus chamber of commerce and industry to host this session and for partners from Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority and Ministry of National Economy and Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Palestinian Market Development Program “PMDP” supported by DFID and EU.