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Total investment of 3 million USD and 321 direct jobs; 36% FDI

PIPA’s BoD Discussed policies and tools to enhance the investment environment and project incentives                  

PIPA’s BoD meeting no. 83 and ffifth meeting in 2017 held in PIPA premises chaired by H.E. Abeer OUDEH, various activities and proposals has been discussed to enable the investment environment in Palestine, line of incentives package contracts has been highlighted especially for ICT sector, and discussed various potential incentives for new sectors or areas.

In other hand and in line with its mandate PIPA,s BoD discussed the first external audit report (done Within the meeting no. (83) PIPA’s BoD approved granting incentives to 7 projects 4 of them are development of current investments, and total registered investment reached 3 M USD that directly generates or maintains 321 Jobs, and it’s worth to mention that around 36% of investments are FDI.