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Commercial Trade Representative

Commercial Trade Representative CTR is Palestinian private sector gateway to international markets, and have duties on trade and investment, located in the Palestinian embassies and missions,  responsible to achieve set of goals under the scope of trade, increase the volume of Palestinian export, encourage investment in Palestine and promote investment opportunities, map and mobilize expats and diaspora. Nowadays there are four representatives working in Kuwait, UK, Germany , Russia, and we are working on expanding our activities in new markets.

CTR Coordination Unit  through "CCU" PIPA is managing and following up with CTRs in cooperation with private sector stakeholders.

We are encouraging you to comunicate with our CTR’s

Contact Information:


 To be appointmentCTR:



Address: Embassy of The State of Palestine, Bayan, Al Aqsa Mosque Street, Block 13, Street 7,Building 24, state of Kuwait


CTR: To be appointment

Country: United Kingdom

Email: ccu@pipa.gov.ps

Address: Palestine Mission- UK, 5 Galena Road, Hammersmith W6 0LT.



 CTR: To be appointment

Country: Germany

Email: ccu@pipa.gov.ps

Address: Palestinensische Mission, Rheinbarbenallee 8, 14199 Berlin


CTR: To be appointment

Country: Russia

Email: ccu@pipa.gov.ps

Address: Embassy of the State Palestine to the Russian Federation, 26 Kropotkinsky per, 119034 Moscow, Russia


Email: ccu@pipa.gov.ps

P.O. Box: 1984, Ramallah, Palestine.

Phone: +970 (2) 298 87 91 / 5

Fax:      +970 (2) 298 87 93

Email: info@pipa.gov.ps