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Memorandum of Understanding between the Turkish SME’s Development Corporation (KOSGEB) and the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA)

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Turkish SME’s Development Corporation (KOSGEB) and the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA) was signed today at KOSGEB's headquarters in Ankara.

The agreement was signed by the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Turkey, H.E. Mr. Faed Mustafa, on behalf of Mr. Haytham Al-Wahidi, CEO of the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency, and the Turkish SME’s Development Corporation Chairman Mr. Hassan Basri.

In his statement, Mr. Basri stressed, the importance of the long standing relations between Palestine and Turkey, emphasizing Turkey's principled stand and support to the just cause of the Palestinian people.

Mr. Basri stated that; "signing of the MoU reflect the deep relations binding for two countries and their peoples, noting also that the history of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Foundation extends for more than 30 years, and that they have great experience in supporting small and medium enterprises, in addition to the accumulation of information and expertise that will be made available for the benefit of the Palestinian partner".

In his turn, H.E. Ambassador Mustafa expressed his gratitude and appreciation for signing this important MoU between two important institutions in Turkey and Palestine, conveying also the greetings of H.E. Minister of National Economy Mr. Khaled Al-Ossaily, and PIPA Executive Director Mr. Haytham Al-Wahidi.

Ambassador Mustafa reiterated the significance of historical relations between Palestine and Turkey and their brotherly peoples. He stressed that the Republic of Turkey and the State of Palestine are united by their past, their present and will be next to each other in the future.

Ambassador Mustafa recalled the importance that Palestine attaches to the economic, commercial and investment opportunities in Turkey and the beneficial outcomes resulting from the fruitful and future cooperation between the Palestinian side and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Corporation.

At the end of the signing ceremony, Gifts were exchanged between Ambassador Mustafa and Mr. Basry.